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  • Sania Munford

Decon Case Study

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

DECON Case Study:

Pulverizer Gearbox Cleanout

  • Coal-fired powerplant wanted to lower gearbox cleaning costs during outages.

  • Coal pulverizers operation between 80-90C and are susceptible to coal-dust ingression.

  • Oil in use is PAO-based VG 320 gear oil.

  • DECON was put into a dirty gearbox 3-month prior to an outage to test its cleaning ability.

Oil Analysis suggested that Decon was cleaning the gearbox

Spectra depression occurs when there are increased dark bodies present within the sample. This is commonly observed when using DECON in a dirty system and is correlated to the amount of contamination that is absorbed into the fluid.

Gearbox Deposits removed after Decon

Visual Assessment revealed that the deposits were dissolved after 3-months. DECON has displaced the traditional detergent/dispersant flushing fluid.

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