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  • Sania Munford

Gulf Coastal Texas Varnish Removal and High-Velocity Oil Flush

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Gulf Coast Refinery

Dresser Rand Centrifugal Compressor



Prepared for: Gulf Coast Refinery Customers

Prepared by: Sania Munford


This report documents the Varnish Removal / High Velocity Oil Flush performed on the Dresser Rand Centrifugal Compressor at Gulf Coast Texas Refinery. This compressor service was done during a large Turnaround where two units were down. We performed the same Varnish Removal / High Velocity Oil Flushing services on a total of (4) dresser rand centrifugal compressors in these two units during this turnaround. Set up time was split between all four compressors.


Provide a safe, thorough, and efficient Flush of this system, satisfying all customer requirements.


  • Man Hours worked with ZERO incidents or injuries

    • Our commitment to safety, demonstrated by its safety record, provides refinery owners, construction companies, and OEM’s peace of mind and safety assurance

  • Mutually developed a comprehensive flush plan with all related parties; and executed the Flush, meeting or exceeding all customer requirements

    • Comprehensive and properly developed flush plan provided peace of mind and assurance that all flush requirements were satisfied, including properly draining and purging all system piping

    • Executed the flush, utilizing “purpose built” equipment and superior technical expertise. This helped the customer avoid further schedule delays during the outage.

  • Provided documentation of flush procedures confirming our guarantee that all customer criteria were met.


In addition to one-micron nominal “full flow” filtration used on the inlet side of the flush, dehydrator mobile heater / filter units were used to constantly control oil heat and cleanliness to OEM oil cleanliness. Additional one-micron beta 2000 absolute micro-glass depth media filters were used at the end of the flush to ensure oil cleanliness.

The following pages detail and photo-document the project, including completion of objectives.

The piping and components were flushed to the required specification, cleanliness and acceptance criteria were verified, witnessed and documented. The “Final Flush Acceptance” documents for the system, detailed flushing logs, and photo documentation are included in this report. These documents indicate time duration during various phases of the project, along with the on-site cleanliness level, photo documentation of various aspects of the flush.


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